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The construction industry struggles with collaboration between General and Sub contractors, due to a lack of proper systems, standards, and procedures concerning scheduling.

Scheduling Works is here to solve this problem; to enable all contractors to be more productive, and to help projects get done on time and on budget. 

Time is money. I can get more money, but I can’t get more time.

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Critical Path Method

The scheduling method we normally work with is called CPM, or “Critical Path Method”. This is a type of Project Management. Most of our customers are Contractors, Architects/Engineers or Owners involved in the construction industry. This method of scheduling can be used in any industry or endeavor for any type of project.

In the Construction Industry, even simple projects require planning and scheduling. Construction Managers must manage materials, equipment, labor and time in order to properly control the process. Any schedule, no matter how poor, is better than no schedule. A good schedule provides a management system that allows a high level of control over a project as well as multiple projects that share common resources.

Construction Projects are usually managed by a General Contractor. Most of the time, the GC is coordinating with multiple Subcontractors who specialize in their own areas of expertise, such as Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Masonry and dozens of others. The GC may also have certain levels of expertise that they perform with their own forces.

These aforementioned Subcontractors are also managing their portions of the project, and usually multiple projects with several different General Contractors. We strongly suggest that subcontractors maintain their own separate CPM Schedules for each project and use them to coordinate resources between multiple projects.

Let’s Build Something Together

Our firm, Scheduling Works, specializes in consulting and mentoring both General and Subcontractors to improve their ability to manage their own projects. We believe we can make a massive positive difference to our customers efficiency and abilities. The potential to improve profits and manage labor is greatly enhanced. 

A Subcontractor with a good CPM Schedule for a specific project can provide that scheduling information to the General Contractor, which can then greatly enhance the GC’s ability to manage the overall schedule.

A good CPM Schedule greatly enhances numerous abilities for the Project Manager. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of a CPM Schedule, is to use that schedule as a methodology to manage and document the project from beginning to end. The advantages of using a CPM Schedule properly throughout the construction process are truly astounding.

Every project is unique, but most have similar aspects to previous projects. There are certainly logical proven methods of using previous experience to create and maintain templates for creating initial schedules for a new project.

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